When is the Best Time to Take a Shower?

There seems to be a debate between morning vs night shower people about when the best time to take a shower is. Morning shower people often cringe at the thought of going about their day without a shower to start them off. Night shower people often can’t imagine anything worse than having to get up that little bit earlier just to take a shower. So we thought, why not write about it? Plus, it makes a bit of a change from our bathroom inspo posts!

So... is there really a best time to take a shower?

Benefits of a Morning Shower

One of the main reasons people choose to shower in the morning is to wake them up, and this really can work. Showers can make you more alert, and having one in the morning can also help to kickstart your metabolism. In addition to this, a morning shower can help to increase creativity by working in a way similar to meditation; it can relax your brain to help creative ideas flow. Finally, if you have oily skin then a morning shower could be for you; oil builds up a lot more overnight and therefore a shower in the morning can help you to clear your pores.

Benefits of an Evening Shower

A shower can wake you up, but can also work in the reverse; the effect of your body cooling down rapidly when getting out of the shower can work to induce sleep. Showering at night can also ensure you have cleaner bed sheets as your day-to-day activities are very likely to make your body dirtier throughout the day. Lastly, whilst a morning shower is good for those with oily skin, evening showers can benefit those with skin on the dry side; it’s recommended to shower with a cleanser at night if you have dry skin.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, the best time to take a shower is completely up to you! Nothing stands out in either side of the debate. So unless you really want to take care of your oily or dry skin a little better, stick to your showering preference and let others stick to theirs!

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