Wetrooms vs Bathrooms: Which is for you?

Wetroom vs bathroom… unsure of which would be best for your home? Below we’ve shared the advantages of both to help you make the decision!

Wetroom Advantages

On the first side of the wetroom vs bathroom debate is wetrooms. Wetrooms are fantastic for a wide range of reasons; we’ve listed them all in a previous blog post, however we’ll go through them in a nutshell here. If improved accessibility is on your list of requirements, a wetroom is definitely something to consider; with the elimination of a bulky bath to climb into, it creates a much more accessible solution for those with limited mobility. In addition to this, the modern style of bathroom can help to increase the value of your home when used as an addition to a traditional bathroom. One of the most popular reasons for opting for a wetroom is to make the most of a small room; they’re great if you want to make your wash area appear bigger as there’s less bulky furniture taking up room.

Bathroom Advantages

On the other side of the wetroom vs bathroom debate is bathrooms. If traditional is more the style you’re going for, then a bathroom is the option for you - especially if you’ve got a spacious room. As we mentioned above, having both a wetroom and a bathroom in your home can really add value to your property; so if you’re ever looking to move in the future, you’ll have an advantage when coming to sell. Of course we can’t miss the best bit, a bathroom allows you to soak in the bath and relax after a long week of work!

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