Styling a Small Bathroom? Here’s a Few Tips

Want to have a dream bathroom that your guests will be envious of, but having to work with a small space? We’ve got you covered with some top tips for styling a small bathroom so that space doesn’t have to hinder making your bathroom dreams a reality.

Flawless Floors

When styling a small bathroom, we suggest to start at the bottom: the flooring. Choosing the right type of flooring is essential, especially when trying to give an illusion of a bigger space in a smaller room. To make your bathroom appear bigger than it actually is, opt for a lighter colour of flooring to brighten and open up the room; if you’d like a cosier atmosphere, dark colours will work but will make it appear even smaller. If you’re choosing wood flooring or laminate that looks like wooden slats, ensure the slats are laid lengthwise to give that illusion of a larger room.

Tiles and Paint

Next up is the tiles and/or paintwork, which has very similar rules to the flooring when styling a small bathroom. If you want the room to look bigger, don’t go overboard on patterned tiles; too much pattern could close the space, making it appear smaller, as would dark colours for paint and tiles. Opt for less pattern and light colours to open up your bathroom.

Make it Modern

Styling a small bathroom is made a whole lot easier with this new, modern bathroom: a wetroom. Wetrooms are perfect for smaller bathrooms as they create more floor space. There’s no longer a need for a bulky bath taking up space in your bathroom, and both sinks and toilets can be fitted raised from the floor.

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