Interior Inspo: Designing the Perfect Master Bathroom

When we’re spending on average over 12 and a half full days in our bathroom a year, we should definitely make it a room to be proud of! Whether you’re moving into a new house and looking for bathroom inspo or you’re wanting to give your current master bathroom a makeover, take a look at our tips below.

The Initial Decision

First things first, you need to decide whether you’d like your master bathroom to be a bathroom or a wetroom. Bathrooms are a traditional favourite, however wetrooms have recently become a lot more popular for a modern alternative. Think: do you actually use a bath? If not, why not opt for a wetroom?

Plan Your Layout

Now that you’ve made your decision on a bathroom or wetroom, it’s time to plan the layout of your master bathroom. This is something that may depend on your personal style, but mainly your budget. When designing your washroom, you do have to think about the boring stuff like plumbing drains and water pipes as this can really affect the layout you go for if your budget isn’t huge. The most cost-effective bathroom layout is a one-wall layout which is where your bath, sink and toilet are all against one wall. If your budget is bigger, you may opt for a two-wall or three-wall layout.

Suitable Flooring

You’ve made the initial decision and you know your layout, now here is where the designing really begins! Start from the bottom and pick your flooring. Your flooring could be something you really make a statement with; maybe something brightly coloured or patterned. It’s important to remember that your flooring should be suitable; don’t make the mistake of picking something that isn’t waterproof or slip-proof!

Get the Lighting Right

Your lighting choice could make or break your master bathroom. Most people like their bathroom to be quite a bright, refreshing room; if there’s not windows to rely on for natural light, you’re going to need to make the right choice with artificial lighting. Spotlights are a very common lighting choice in bathrooms. Another tip is to make use of mirrors to reflect the light around the room.

Make a Statement

Your bathroom can be considered as one of the most important rooms in your home. In addition to your living room and kitchen, it’s one room that guests are likely to use regularly so why not make a statement with it? A few ways to do this include a freestanding bath, his & hers sinks or a spa shower.

At Brampton Wetrooms and Bathrooms, we can offer a planning service to help make your design ideas a reality. We’ll sit with you from the very beginning to discuss your ideas and create the perfect design for your new washroom. To give your master bathroom a makeover, get in touch with the team! Give us a call on 01604 600668 or email us and someone will answer your query as soon as possible.