Bathroom Styles and Designs to Look Out For in 2019

With the new year just around the corner, we’ve decided to look at different bathroom trends that have become increasingly popular and below we’ve predicted the top bathroom styles and designs that we think are going to be at the top of everyone’s renovation lists for 2019.

Open Showers/Wetrooms

This modern, contemporary design of bathroom has really seen an increase in popularity in 2018 and we predict it’ll be even bigger in 2019. Open showers/wetrooms provide an illusion of a bigger space and make bathrooms much more accessible.

Big Bathtubs

On the contrary to the above trend, big bathtubs are also coming into fashion and we definitely think they’re going to be a popular choice in 2019. A big bathtub makes a statement in a bathroom and gives you lots of space to really relax when taking a bath.

Wooden Accents

That’s right, wooden accents have made a comeback and we predict that they’re going to be even more popular in 2019. Although contemporary style bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular, wooden accents are coming back to give a vintage, traditional feel to bathrooms in even the most modern of homes.

Pop of Colour

Another trend to look out for 2019 is pops of colour in bathrooms. Whilst bathrooms are becoming much more minimalistic, a pop of pastel or bright colour such as blue, yellow or pink are being seen much more frequently. Colour can be seen on statement walls or in bathroom accessories.

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