5 Bathroom Safety Tips

Bathrooms are often associated with a place for relaxation. However, due to the wet nature of them, they can often have high risks of accidents. To ensure you keep your bathroom a safe and relaxing place, we’ve come up with our top 5 bathroom safety tips.

1. Keep It Clean

That’s right; if you want to have a safe bathroom, you need to get out those rubber gloves & cleaning products and give your bathroom a good clean regularly. The build up of soap scum in your shower or bath can become very slippery which increases the risk of physical accidents. We’d also recommend always rinsing down your shower or bath each time you use it to wash away any soap products.

2. Let in the Light

Next on our bathroom safety tips is ensuring there is plenty of light in the room. Having a well lit bathroom ensures that people can see exactly what they’re doing/climbing over, etc. Having big windows to let in lots of natural light in the day can be great as long as you ensure, for privacy reasons, the windows are made with privacy/frosted glass. It’s particularly important to ensure the bathroom is well lit when being used at night time which can be done with plenty of lighting such as spotlights.

3. Safety Accessories

Of course we have to include some safety accessories in our bathroom safety tips. There are lots of safety aids available for bathrooms such as non-slip mats, grab bars, rails and bath/shower seats. It’s important to remember that towel bars do not work the same as a grab bar/rail as they are not designed to hold a lot of weight.

4. Keep Electrical Appliances Away

To reduce the risk of electric shocks or fires, the next on our bathroom safety tips is keeping electrical appliances away from water, or, if possible, keeping them away from the bathroom. It could be extremely dangerous if any electrical appliances go near water. If you use an appliance in the bathroom, ensure you remove it from the room or put it away when you’ve finished using it.

5. Rethink the Design: Wetrooms

To make your bathroom safer, particularly for those with limited mobility, have you thought about redesigning it? Wetrooms can often be the perfect design of bathroom to ensure it’s safer for people with limited mobility. It eliminates the need to climb over a bath to get in it or having to grip onto shower doors. Wetrooms can also create more space for safety accessories such as those listed above. For more information read our previous blog “How to Make Bathrooms More Accessible for People with Limited Mobility”.

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