How to Make Bathrooms More Accessible for People with Limited Mobility

With technology always evolving, there are lots of different electronic mobility aids and gadgets that can help us make homes more accessible for people with limited mobility. However sometimes the real key is focusing on accessible home design; could the design of certain rooms in your home be altered to improve accessibility for people with limited mobility?

Accessible Home Design Tip: Wet Rooms

If there’s one thing about accessible home design we know about, it’s bathrooms… or actually, wet rooms in particular. Wet rooms are becoming widely known for being the modern bathroom, however as well as adding a modern touch to your home, the accessibility they provide for people with limited mobility is far greater than the traditional bathroom.

Why Wet Rooms?

So, why are wet rooms the perfect bathroom choice for people with limited mobility? Firstly, a wet room eliminates the need for shower doors, which creates better access for wheelchairs and makes it a lot easier for those who have difficulties gripping with their hands.

Similarly, there’s no need for a big bathtub to climb into; bathtubs are often a barrier for those with limited mobility due to them being difficult, and sometimes dangerous, to get into.

In addition to this, the elimination of shower doors and bathtubs creates more space for mobility aids such as shower seats and grab rails/support bars.

As well as easy bathing, wet rooms also provide easy cleaning. Due to the “wet” nature of them, cleaning products such as sprays can easily be washed away. There’s also no need to bend over the bath to clean it as there isn’t need for one.

The Wet Room Specialists

At Brampton Wetrooms and Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on being the wet room (and bathroom) specialists. We know that everyone’s specifications are completely different, particularly amongst people with limited mobility. We offer a complete package for our customers, from the initial design to the final completion, to ensure that your bathroom or wet room renovation is exactly what you need.

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